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Performance Service Innovation specializes in service and optimization of Flow Waterjets. We focus on machine up time and advise clients on best practice techniques to optimize their equipment. Our staff consist of former Field Service Engineers and Advanced Applications Engineers. If your needs require preventative maintenance, training, repair service, installation, machine calibration, inspection, certification, or software optimization, PSI is the resource you have been searching for.

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With an extensive background of waterjet equipment, sales, service, aftermarket parts, abrasive, machine repair, installation, simple and advanced cutting applications, diagnostics, calibration, and certification, we can support our customers with any of their needs. Our team consist of former field service engineers and advanced application engineers. We work closely with OEM’s to obtain current product knowledge and diagnostics. We can help you program the file, cut the part, repair the equipment, train your staff, and reduce unexpected maintenance intervals. PSI is a Texas based small business and strives to exceed our customers needs.

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Preventative Maintenance (PM): Common practice in the watejet industry is to run equipment to the point of failure. This causes unanticipated down time and hinders the work flow within your company. We can evaluate your needs to form a preventative maintenance plan that tailors to your specific machine and production schedule. Scheduling maintenance helps reduce unexpected profit loss and expediting charges of parts and technicians.



We can provide basic and in-depth training on FlowMaster and FlowXpert 3D software suites. If your situation doe not allow for attending OEM training, we can facilitate the same OEM training at your facility, and tailored to your specific application. Should you need training beyond basic applications, we can work to create a training guideline that suits your companies needs specifically.

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Your waterjet may have specific components you are unfamiliar with servicing or rebuilding. Items such as on/off valves, bleed down valves, dump valves, high pressure swivel fittings, check valves, direct drive crank cases, and pressure control valves all can be serviced or repaired. PSI can rebuild your existing components or swap your used components for a newly refurbishment component. This keeps your up time to a maximum and less time servicing.

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If you have purchased a new or used machine that needs proper installation, we create work with you to create a work scope for an installation process. As your business grows, your waterjet may need relocating across the shop, across the city, or across the state. We can uninstall, properly secure for moving, and reinstall your machine at it’s new location.

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If your waterjet is functioning improperly, performing poorly, part quality is not ideal, high pressure pump is leaking, or does not function at all, we can help. Our Field Service Engineers can diagnose the problem area, provide you with a solution, and assist you in sourcing components for the repair.



Does our rebuild program fit your needs?

- Your production schedule does not allow for machine down time to service your intensifier pump.

- Does your company only want to focus on running the machine and less time on learning how to properly rebuild the equipment?

- Is your machine operator not comfortable with the task of rebuilding your high pressure pump?

- Do you want to have some hands on with the maintenance aspect, but not the cumbersome task of properly rebuilding an intensifier pump?

Consider our Performance Pump Swap for your 60,000 psi or 94,000 psi pump. This program allows for the most machine up time when a maintenance interval is reached (typically 500 service hours). If you have a spare pump or need to rent a pump while yours is being serviced, we can work with each customers situation.

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Pearland, TX, USA

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